Camali Clinic

Dubai, UAE

A new, multidisciplinary clinic catering to children and adolescents opens in Dubai with a bold interiors project.  The holistic mental health approach offered by Camali is narrated through the discovery of new and imaginary landscapes grafted onto the interior surfaces making for a colorful and highly textured environment.

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Artist Residence and Atelier

Castelrotto, BZ 2013

Perched along a ridge on the outskirts of the historic city-center, the house splits into two volumes that overlook the valley just beyond Castelrotto. The two wooden twins, joined at the hip and stilted above a concrete base contain the living quarters, while the artist’s gallery and double-height atelier are located below.

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An architecture for learning:


These projects give testimony to the evolving dialogue between learning and the spaces in which learning takes place. When buildings are invested with the call to move beyond strictly technical and functional exigencies, current pedagogical debate can find an outlet of architectural expression.

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German Embassy and Chancellery

Cairo, Egypt (with Hager Partner AG landscape architects)

The new embassy takes cue from Zamalek island’s long history of exotic gardens and swank villas with a compact building swathed in greenery.  Overhanging gardens, shady loggias and native plants transform the administrative building into a soft and inviting place of cultural exchange.  The filtering of polluted and dusty air are but one of the benefits reaped from the lush façade.

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