1st prize

Mountain Refuge “Edelrauthütte”

Selva dei Molini-Lappago, BZ 2016
Nestled between two passes at the intersection of well-trodden trails, the Ponte di Ghiaccio mountain refuge has welcomed mountain enthusiasts since the early 1900s. The winning competition entry for a new refuge proposes an ‘L’ shaped wooden structure grounded by a stone base that inscribes the original footprint of the hut into a new outdoor seating area.

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  • rifugio-ponte-ghiaccio
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  • rifugio-ponte-ghiaccio
  • rifugio-ponte-ghiaccio
  • edelrauthutte
1° prize

Elementary School, Kindergarten and Multipurpose hall

Sant’Andrea, BZ 2017

The new building in S. Andrea provides both the requisite programs for the two educational levels and a new social hub anchored by the gymnastics / multipurpose hall.  The potential for schools to function also as civic centers where community relations and aspirations can be affirmed and strengthened is made possible by the new configuration of outdoor and indoor spaces open to the public.

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  • modus-architects-s-andrea
  • modus-architects-s-andrea
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1st prize - The Plan Award Winner

Psychiatric Center and Sheltered Housing

Bolzano, Italy

Warm interiors, inviting common spaces and brightly colored rooms pull together a day-hospital, 2 inpatient wards, and a sheltered housing unit to create a new community within the tightly-knit fabric of the Gries neighborhood.  Cantilevered out from the building’s rectangular footprint, the center splits into two volumes to create a protected inner courtyard crisscrossed by bridges.

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Invited proposal

Medical Center and University Campus

Cosenza Masterplan

The masterplan converts the existing hospital grounds into a university campus and proposes a new medical center as a catalyst for the requalification of Cosenza along the undefined edge of the city.  The strategy sutures the divide between inside and outside the city with a bold intervention able to pull together the conflicting forces shaping the city into one, multi-layered vision for the future.

view project

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