1st prize - The Plan Award Winner

Psychiatric Center and Sheltered Housing

Bolzano, Italy

Warm interiors, inviting common spaces and brightly colored rooms pull together a day-hospital, 2 inpatient wards, and a sheltered housing unit to create a new community within the tightly-knit fabric of the Gries neighborhood.  Cantilevered out from the building’s rectangular footprint, the center splits into two volumes to create a protected inner courtyard crisscrossed by bridges.

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“Building the EXPO” Exhibition design

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“Building the EXPO” premiered at MADEexpo in Milan in March, and traveled to Tongji University in Shanghai in April.  Construction drawings, videos, and prototypes of over 30 pavilions of the Milan EXPO 2015 provide privileged views of the event.  The two, long porticoes of the exhibition offer detailed information on the building of each pavilion, intermingling full-scale mockups with a vibrant event space.

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special mention

New Elementary School

Langwedel, Germany

The proposal breaks free of the traditional configuration of a school where concentric rings of variegated learning spaces rotate around an open court and a core, multifunctional space.  Classroom clusters, individual and small group study rooms, together with separate spaces dedicated to quiet relaxation for teachers and students alike are the hallmark programs that signal new trends in school design.

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Installation and Exhibition design

Rome, Venice, Milan

The inaugural exhibition of the Oderzo Award at Palazzo Foscolo, the EXPO installation at the Venice Biennale, a world-class exhibition on energy and architecture at Rome’s MAXXI museum, along with the forthcoming exhibition planned for EXPOmade 2015 in Milan are but a few of the projects this comprise this genre’s portfolio.

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Psychiatric Center wins THE PLAN Award
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