EXPO 2015 installation

Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennale

The installation dedicated to the forthcoming EXPO 2015 in Milan centers around a large, wooden surface suspended from an overhead metal truss, a remnant of the building’s industrial origins.  Similar wooden elements lean onto the other steel elements found in the space in a seemingly impromptu fashion and act as displays for Studio Azzuro’s video installations.

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2nd phase

School Complex

Bregenz, Austria

Three schools are organized into three interconnected buildings with a large gym, cafeteria and library shared between the three.  Each school is comprised of a series of clusters that align innovative learning approaches with new spatial configurations that combine two classrooms with an open, collective learning room.

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Invited competition

Butterfly House

Bressanone, BZ

The house finds its equilibrium along a residential hillside with an extended view southward down the Isarco valley and across the vineyard below. With its compact volume and inverted pitched roof, the living spaces are carved into the body of the house to create a variegated collection of high and low, indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Three of a Kind
book presentation

Our first book is out now!

An office building, a farmhouse and an artist residence.  Three of a Kind documents three projects through the eyes of fashion photographer Marco Pietracupa, architecture critic Hans Ibelings and architects Sandy Attia and Matteo Scagnol.  As part of the Alpitecture meets Biennale exhibition in Venice this past June, Hans Ibelings  presented the book and signed copies. You can find the press release under “Download.”

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MoDus Architects
Take a look at our new book Three of a Kind
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