Academy for international cooperation

Bonn, Germany 2014 (with Proap landscape architects)

The new seat of the GIZ institute sits at the edge of the adjacent woods with a building of soaring arches and airy interiors.  Taking cues from the multidisciplinary and international scope of the academy, the building captures the pedagogical call of the project with a landscape of learning spaces that work vertically within the building and out into the park.

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  • 0140-im-sk-web
  • 0140-im-mo01
  • 0140-tavole-matteo-2-indd
  • 0140-render-int-01_72
  • 0140-tavole-matteo-2-indd
  • 0140-tavole-matteo-2-indd
  • 0140-render-int-02_72
An architecture for learning:


These projects give testimony to the evolving dialogue between learning and the spaces in which learning takes place. When buildings are invested with the call to move beyond strictly technical and functional exigencies, current pedagogical debate can find an outlet of architectural expression.

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1° prize

Vineum: Visitor’s Center, Exhibition and Event Space

Cornaiano, BZ 2014

The historic city center of Cornaiano has two layers, one above ground and one below.  The second underground fabric of abandoned wine cellars is brought back to life with a project that requalifies the entire township by connecting together the large canteens as a series of exhibition and event spaces.  The new visitor’s center makes visible that which lies below.

  • modus_cornaiano_ext-01
  • 0134-vineum-tavole-b-indd
  • 0134-vineum-tavole-b-indd
  • modus_cornaiano_int01

Multi-use Town Hall

Salorno, BZ 2013.

Looking down from above the nearby Haderburg mountainside, the town of Salorno is a compact collection of tiled and tilted rooftops.  The proposal for the new multi-use hall tucks and turns its roof and walls to accommodate the various adjacencies of the town cemetery, public parking lot and street to find its places in this consolidated context.

  • modus_salorno_ext01
  • 0135-pc-planimetria-500
  • 0135-pc-pianta-eg-200_grande
  • 0135-pc-prospetto-sud-200
  • 0135-pc-sezione-aa
  • 0135-pc-sezione-bb-200
  • modus_salorno_int01-copy
MoDus Architects
Special Jury Prize for the Italian Architects Award 2013
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