Solo Exhibition

Edges, Curves and Cantilevers. The elusive equilibrium of architecture.


The exhibition takes on the subject of giving form to architecture.   The three words “edges, curves and cantilevers” pull together the diversity of our work into a directed reflection on their spatial and programmatic ramifications.  Small scale models are measured up against large scale images, with a special section dedicated to the construction of the mountain lodge.

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Farmhouse Estate

Renon, BZ 2012
A farmhouse from the 1600s, abandoned years ago and surrounded by four hectares of uncontaminated fields is brought back to life in a rural ensemble of three flanking structures comprised of the original farmhouse, a multi-family house and a barn. This new nucleus brings together several generations to renew and continue the rural traditions of the site.

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1st prize

Kofler-Neumair House

Caldaro, BZ 2012
Located on the periphery of the town of Caldaro, overlooking a lake at the foot of a beautiful mountain-range, the house navigates the sloped site with a series of variegated outdoor spaces that pinwheel off the main body of the house. A triple height foyer carves out a light and airy core from which the various living and sleeping quarters radiate outwards.

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1st prize

House Terzer

Appiano, BZ 2009
Immersed in apple groves and vineyards, the house zigzags across a narrow slot of land. The natural slope of the site steps down through the main living spaces of the house at the ground floor to allow for an open view along the length of the site. Carved into the porphyry bedrock below lies an extensive wine cellar that gives onto a water garden open to the sky.

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