1st prize

Psychiatric Center and Sheltered Housing

Bolzano, Italy

Warm interiors, inviting common spaces and brightly colored rooms pull together a day-hospital, 2 inpatient wards, and a sheltered housing unit to create a new community within the tightly-knit fabric of the Gries neighborhood.  Cantilevered out from the building’s rectangular footprint, the center splits into two volumes to create a protected inner courtyard crisscrossed by bridges.

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Oderzo Award Exhibition design

Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo (TV)

As winners of the Oderzo prize, MoDusArchitects was commissioned to design the installation for the prize-giving ceremony exhibition.  The exhibition then travels using an innovative and flexible display system whereby large format ceramic panels are notched with 3mm cuts acting as shelves for the images printed directly on brushed aluminum boards.

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Camali Clinic

Dubai, UAE

A new, multidisciplinary clinic catering to children and adolescents opens in Dubai with a bold interiors project.  The holistic mental health approach offered by Camali is narrated through the discovery of new and imaginary landscapes grafted onto the interior surfaces making for a colorful and highly textured environment.

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Artist Residence and Atelier

Castelrotto, BZ 2013

Perched along a ridge on the outskirts of the historic city-center, the house splits into two volumes that overlook the valley just beyond Castelrotto. The two wooden twins, joined at the hip and stilted above a concrete base contain the living quarters, while the artist’s gallery and double-height atelier are located below.

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MoDus Architects
Pscychiatric Center nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
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