Artist Residence and Atelier

Castelrotto, BZ 2013

Perched along a ridge on the outskirts of the historic city-center, the house splits into two volumes that overlook the valley just beyond Castelrotto. The two wooden twins, joined at the hip and stilted above a concrete base contain the living quarters, while the artist’s gallery and double-height atelier are located below.

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under construction

Wassermann House

Bressanone, BZ 2016-

Construction is well underway at the Wasserman residence.  A family with four grown children now beginning their own families decide to transform their original single-family home into three dwellings for the three generations.  The project examines the means by which modest, traditional constructions can be requalified and reinterpreted through an incisive architectural intervention.

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Swiss Competitions


Two recently completed competitions in Switzerland show our continued interest in exploring the architectural possibilities in the design of educational and healthcare facilities.  The Losone Healthcare Center is an urban intervention whose elegant arches confer an elegant dignity to the center, while the Münchenstein Highschool project extends the school into the landscape.

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2nd phase competitions

New School Competitions


A number of school projects submitted for the second phase in architectural competitions in Austria and Germany confirm our commitment to designing innovative schools.  Current trends in new didactic models offer new modes of designing learning spaces.  Aggregate spaces, clusters, and a hybrid appropriation of space for frontal and informal learning settings together provide new scenarios for educational facilities.

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